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$ ssh-keygen -t ecdsa-sk. The option -t ecdsa-sk instructs OpenSSH to create an ECDSA key on a FIDO security key instead of a traditional private key file. You can also use -t ed25519-sk to create an EdDSA key instead, but this is not supported by all security keys. This will create two files in your SSH directory.
A public secure one-way hash function H (e.g., SHA-2, SHA-3) is required to map the session key SK and the master key \(K_1\) into an M-bit binary string. The hash function has the property that not only it is very difficult to deduce the message from its hashed value, but it is also extremely hard to find two messages that hash to the same value.
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Hi, SK (Signing Key/Symmetric Key) MK (Master Key/Masking Key) SMK (SIGMA protocol)ISV can use the sgx_ra_init_ex API to provide a callback function to generate the remote attestation keys used in the SIGMA protocol (SMK) and returned by the API sgx_ra_get_keys (SK, MK, and VK). The decision to use a different KDF is a policy of the ISV, but it should be approved by the ISV's security process.revoke refresh token azure adcyberpunk rename save files
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The -sk extension stands for security key. Note that an ed25519-sk key-pair is only supported by new YubiKeys with firmware 5.2.3 or higher which supports FIDO2. This means YubiKeys with firmware below 5.2.3 are only compatible with ecdsa-sk key-pairs. If possible, generate an ed25519-sk SSH key-pair for this reason.